NA Roster

Gabriel “Alaska” Connor

Gabriel “Alaska” Connor is a 22 year old Protoss player/caster currently living in Virginia. He’s been playing StarCraft since he was 7 years old, when his dad brought home a burned disc with vanilla StarCraft. On ladder and in tournaments, you can expect him to be using his Skytoss Only style of play (proxy tempest, 2 base carriers, mass oracles).

Brandon “Synprime” Wainwright

Synprime is a Protoss player who began playing StarCraft in September 2012 after seeing MC vs MarineKing on the MLG Pro Circuit. He stayed stuck in Gold League for 7 seasons straight in 2013-2014 and busted out and shot into Diamond after finding a coach. He started playing in SCV Rush tournaments in early 2013, and joined as a staff member of SCV Rush in June 2014. He also plays for Outset Gaming, and offers help to Gold and lower level Protoss players.

Ian “DaeDaLus” Barber

an “Daedalus” Barber joined SCV Rush as a Freshman in High School. He plans to become a professional StarCraft II player as well as to become the best caster he can be.

Richie “Vampyworm” Grajek

Hi I am Richie “VampyWorm” Grajek and I have been playing StarCraft since beta. I have been in multiple clans ranging from Team Ascension to Infinity Gaming. During my StarCraft career I have picked up a thing called “Shout casting” It started out as helpful volunteer work for Infinity Gaming back in late 2011. Then after getting asked to do it more and more I became an official caster/streamer for z33k tournaments. From there I have been casting many tournaments from when z33k began to fall.

When z33k fell I knew of an organization called “SCV Rush” as I have played in their tournaments before and always admired their casters. I decided to try out for casting. I was quite worried that I wasn’t going to be good enough but I got accepted into the family SCV Rush. Before I joined SCV Rush I tried out to be a caster for HSL(High School Star League). I got accepted by a person called MasterDalK who was the managing SC2 caster at the time. I am still very good friends with him.

My time with HSL really helped me become the great caster I am today ( I like to think I am pretty good at casting). I am now the SC2 managing caster for HSL since MasterDalK left. I am currently on Team Ascension as an official caster with Niteshade. Casting isn’t the only thing I did though. Even when I was caster I played a lot of sc2 and got up to master before I started managing teams. I ran the A-Team for Infinity Gaming for ~1 year about. Made some great connections and friendships in doing so. I still maintain a diamond rank which I am proud of.

Scott “Hartless” Hart

Hartless is a Protoss player from Colorado who began casting with SCV Rush in November of 2014. He enjoys the pace of the game StarCraft, its intricacies, and the energy the matches bring. He hopes to one day cast some major pro level tournaments. He enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and progressing in his career as a web developer.

Scott “BaRcOdE” Klingman

21 Year old gamer, who has been playing since Broodwar, Always been a Protoss player and have enjoyed it, I am a caster For SCV Rush and a member of Outset Gaming, I live in California, Born & Raised in the heart of the Central Valley.

Liam “TwoTrident” Wilson

My competitiveness in video games started with Super Smash Bro’s on N64. Fighting games was my first addiction after mastering Taki on Soul Calibur III (haters gonna hate). And yet all good things must come to an end, and then replaced by Halo 3 on XBL, then TF2 on TF2Center until one day a glorious email arrived in my inbox… It was an invitation to the Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty closed beta test. And it was happily ever after… WRONG. This isn’t a love story, it’s constant battle to improve and get into the higher leagues with the purer, more concentrated solutions to my fateful addiction. Send. Help.

Natalie “Koshkii” Bogard

Koshkii has been playing SC2 since March 2013. She started out in Bronze league massing Void Rays, but now masses Immortals in Masters. She enjoys streaming ladder, viewer games, and casting all levels of play.

Brandon “Bloodfeast” White

Patrick “ToasterOven” Gilmore

Gregory “Nep” Cole