Proxy Tempest OPEN #10 Tonight!

Hello everyone! :3

Tonight is the Proxy Tempest Open, where players from every region and of every league can come and duke it out for the $10 prize. The tournament will begin tonight promptly at 7:00PM and players who register will need to return to the Challonge website and check in between 6:30PM and 6:59PM. Players who fail to check in will be removed from the tournament bracket!

Signup & Bracket:

Watch It Live:

Live Tournament Tweets: @Proxy_Tempest

Proxy Tempest Fleet Finale Qualifier 3.1

Hello everyone :3

Tonight we begin anew with the Proxy Tempest Fleet Finale Qualifier 3.1! Tonight’s tournament will see 4 players win a player slot in this month’s Fleet Finale. The prize for the Fleet Finale this month is $150+ plus 150+ OSC points to contribute to this year’s OSC ranking!

We hope you all will come out and enjoy the show.

Sign Up & Bracket:

Watch at:

Live tournament tweeting, follow: @Proxy_Tempest

Proxy Tempest P/D # 10 TONIGHT!

Hello everyone :3

We hope you don’t mind that we took a break on July 4th to celebrate ‘Murica Day. It is of course a special day in our history that is as epic as the original 300. In fact, our excitement for this holiday had one of our European crew members surprised that we would have any tournaments at all this week. Well, we’re happy to announce that our Platinum Diamond tournament is tonight, and the prize is now a 1 hour coaching session with a PSISTORM GAMING player.

We hope you see you tonight, either in the bracket itself or in the Twitch chat. Feel free to check out all the Starcraft action happening tonight!

Bracket & Signup:


Twitter: @Proxy_Tempest

New Proxy Tempest Partnership

Hi everyone! I’m Storrm, one of the managers of Proxy Tempest and Captain of PSISTORM Community. I’m proud to announce our partnership with PSISTORM Gaming!

This wonderful opportunity will allow us to further provide a strong community effort. In addition to this, due to the partnership, we will be providing Master/Grandmaster/and Pro level coaching for winning our Bronze/Silver/Gold and Platinum/Diamond Tournaments. The coach for winners will be dependent upon PSISTORM players schedules, but we will strive to provide the highest level of coaching we can.

We are extremely pleased to be working with Psistorm Gaming, and as we move forward, we are looking for bigger and better ways to help build up the Starcraft community. KJ “Freedom”, the owner of PSISTORM Gaming, commented on the partnership between his organization and Proxy Tempest, saying, “We are happy to support an organization like Proxy Tempest who care about the community giving their time and effort to StarCraft. This mirrors how we feel about the players and the game we all love.”

You can find PSISTORM Gaming at their website and @PSISTORMgaming on twitter. KJ can be found on twitter at @KarlJayG.
Don’t forget to find us, Proxy Tempest, on twitter @Proxy_Tempest, and of course you can find myself @StorrmSC on Twitter.

Thank you all for your continued support we hope to see you playing in our tournaments and enjoying our stream. Although a young organization, we have managed to grow quickly thanks to the enthusiasm of the community. We appreciate your support and will strive to produce content beneficial to the community and game we love.


-Drew ‘Storrm’ Jones


Proxy Tempest OPEN!

Hello everyone! :3

Tonight is Proxy Tempest’s Open tournament with a $10 winner-takes-all prize! PiLiPiLi’s been on a tear, winning the past three tournaments. Who can take him down? Maybe it’s you!

The tournament kicks off at 7:00PM CST and will be streamed live on

Sign Ups can be found HERE!

If you can’t watch on Twitch, follow the action by following our twitter @Proxy_Tempest

We hope you enjoy tonight’s tournament, and best of luck to all the players!

Proxy Tempest P/D #6

Hello everyone! :3

We are happy to announce our 6th Proxy Tempest Platinum/Diamond tournament! The tournament will begin at 7PM CDT and players will be expected to check-in at Challonge between 6:30-6:59. Players who do not check in will not be able to participate, so don’t be late!

To sign up for the tournament click here!

To watch all the Starcraft 2 action, visit our Twitch at

Finally, to follow the wins/losses make sure to give us a follow on Twitter! @proxy_tempest

Proxy Tempest B/S/G #9 Tonight!

Hello everyone!

We are holding our ninth B/S/G tonight at 7pm CDT! We hope you will join us for some great Starcraft matches casted by Koshkii and Shyrshadi! Tonight’s admin is Brownling.

You can sign up to participate by clicking here.

To watch, head to

Finally, you can follow all the action via tweet by following @proxy_tempest

We hope you join us for tonight’s event. The winner of tonight’s tournament will be treated to 1 free hour of Masters level coaching!

ESL & Proxy Tempest Partner for Saturday 2v2 Tournament!

Hello everyone! :3

Proxy Tempest is proud to announce that we have partnered with ESL to provide players an opportunity to engage in 2v2 carnage. The mayhem begins at 7PM Central time and signups will be available on ESL’s website.

We look forward to having you play in this week’s tournament!

Signup: ESL / Proxy Tempest 2v2

If you have any support issues, please go Support

Watch: Proxy Tempest Twitch

Tweet: @proxy_tempest @ESLSC2

Get Off Your Ass! It’s Time For A Real Job!

Gaming! It’s not a job! It’s not a sport!

The world of gaming, from our single player games to multi-player games sure have advanced! When I was younger I could sit for hours and play Mario not thinking about tomorrow. Although not giving it a thought tomorrow is here! Oh where has the time gone?

We are now facing the demands of our consumer society and mothers wing in no longer there. What skills do I have? What do I go to college for? There is so much anxiety, fear, and doubt! Yet there is always a place I can go; gaming always provides comfort.

Video games are no longer just an entertaining way to pass the time, they have advanced to multiplayer games where you develop friendships across the world, and gather at conventions to share your passion! However, when the game is over reality sets in once again!

Man dies after playing Video Games for 3 days continuously

There is good news for gamers!

Gaming is no longer just a place to escape; it now can provide a future! E-Sports is here despite the argument that is not “a real job” or a “real sport”

With older generations where technology has yet to boom to what it is now to date; it becomes difficult for people like our parents to accept that we are not wasting our time and life. In contour if you do your research and plan out your career steps there are so many option available in the gaming community!

Athletes when looking at video games find it hard to swallow and accept e-Sports when they see someone not at perfect physical conditioning to be considered an athlete as well. However, I do feel they don’t keep in mind the mental and physical demands that this chosen profession requires. Completive gaming requires lighting speed reactions, critical thinking, and strategic planning. It does become difficult to perform and compete against the best when you are not at your best! Therefore, top players and teams are known to follow a strict diet and exercise regimen to ensure that their body and brain are performing on their peak.

Despite the negative opinions the United States, China, United Kingdom, South Korea and many other countries have recognized gaming as a sport. And like any other sport colleges offer scholarships to play at their school. Robert Morris University in Illinois was the first in the United States to offer scholarships, and to follow more than one-hundred other colleges and universities now offer the same.

e-Sports Requires Skill!

5 top tips for eSports success from Riot Games

Do keep in mind that it is not just a game! There are games to play for fun; but if you are seeking a career in e-Sports you must treat it like another sport! Just like football players in high-school strive and focus to be the best in hopes to make it to college then later to the NFL; e-Sports is no different.

There are thousands of people seeking a life in this booming industry to game development, casting, streaming, to being a pro-player; and the competition is rapidly growing! If you are not hard working and determined, you will not make it. But for those who have opened the gates to these amazing opportunities and the current professionals they are averaging $60-$150k a year with many making above the average.

So next time someone says get a “real job” or “that’s not a real sport” Shrug it off and try to inform them of yes it is!!!!

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Thor Drop (TvT)- Build Orders That Probably Shouldn’t Exist

     Hello again, and welcome to the second posting of horrifying strategies that most likely should not be as successful as they should be. This one involves my previously established favorite unit to play around with as Terran, and so I figured I’d share it because I think it needs some love and I would love to face this in a mirror matchup.

The Thor.png

    This build works pretty well, as long as you learn to hide your buildings well and deny scouting. Otherwise, your Thor is going to meet some very unhappy Marines, Tanks, Widow Mines, and Cyclones, all determined to usher you off their lawn.

     This is the general build:

14              Supply Depot @Ramp
15              Refinery
15              Barracks @Ramp
16              Refinery
-->             [Send out SCV for proxy]
18              Reaper
19              Orbital Command
19              Factory [Proxy]
20              Supply Depot @Ramp
@100% Factory   Armory
@100% Factory   Starport [Proxy]
@100% Factory   Tech Lab [Factory]
22              Supply Depot
@100% Armory    Thor
@100% Armory    Medivac

First Refinery     The build seems innocent enough, but looking more closely, there are a lot of things happening at once.

     Let’s imagine we’re on King Sejong Station, as that seems to be a pretty popular map for Terrans right now. The first line of the build order is as normal as it gets; Terrans wall-off against pretty much everybody nowadays. We’re going to be pretty gas-greedy though, so we’ll start off with a quick Refinery at 15. This is not terribly out of the ordinary, as many Terrans will open up this way for Banshees. Nothing bizarre yet! The image up and to the left shows how far your Refinery should be once your Barracks goes down.Freddy the Fightin SceeVee.png

     About halfway through the Barracks finishing, we’re going to send our SCV out for scouting. Say hello to Freddy the Fightin’ SceeVee!

     The best place I’ve found to be for proxying on KSS is by the Reaper cliff in the main base, and up the ramp in the corner. Every map is different, however, so you may want to experiment timings to send out Freddy and where to tell him to build stuff. If you’re on Ruins of Endion or Ulrena, I suggest you don’t even bother proxying, as those maps are close by air, and the proxies are either further from their main base than your main base is, or it can be spotted with a Xel’Naga Watchtower.

Proxy Location

     Once the Barracks is finished, we’re going to queue up a Reaper in the Barracks and make an Orbital Command. This will be used to defend against other Reapers that potentially will enter the base, and to ward off other scouts. You can use it to harass and scout as well, but it’s more risky and it’s imperitave you don’t lose it. There’s no room economically to pay for another Reaper and not enough time or supply to pump out Marines. Don’t forget to Mule! The Factory should go down ASAP, after the Reaper and Orbital are taken in production. Don’t forget to finish walling off as well!

     When the Factory is almost done, we’re going to send an SCV to a weird corner of the base. I like the corner opposite of the Reaper cliff in your main base the best, so that’s where we’re going to place it. Make sure that you’re still producing workers, as this build can transition into a macro-oriented build. The Supply Depot at 22 supply is crucial to allowing you to continue macroing.

Armory Location

     The Starport is second priority because it takes less time to build than the Armory. We’ll let Freddy build that next to the Factory. Thirdly, the Factory is going to get a Tech Lab. Once the Armory is finished, obviously, build the Thor. Medivac is second priority because, similarly to the Armory and Starport, it takes less time to build. Build another Supply Depot sometime afterwards–you’ll want more supply for workers and a playmate for baby Thor!

–Note: The Thor should be in High Impact Payload. While the pictures have the Thor without it, there’s no need for the splash damage, and High Impact Payload allows you to target Vikings or Banshees if need be.–

     The rest of the build is fairly self-explanatory, but it’s very micro-intensive. if the Thor gets in a bad place, pick it up and move it. If workers surround it, pick it up and place it a little out of range or in a choke point. After the first Thor, you should be able to afford another Thor and an expansion, and eventually a second Medivac. Don’t be afraid to be a little risky with the Thors, but losing them early on usually means that you will lose, or at least be significantly behind. Remember, Freddy is still sitting at the proxy to nurse his babies back to health!

     If the game hasn’t ended after you’ve harassed with both Thors, you’re set up very nicely to be ahead with a mech army. If you prefer mech, throw down two Factories, float your proxy structures home, and pump out mass Siege Tanks, with a Reactor on the Starport pumping out Vikings. This plus attack upgrades at the Armory, and you’re set up perfectly for the long haul.

     While I haven’t attempted a transition into a bio composition, I suppose it’s possible. The only thing I have to mention about this though is that your opponent will typically try and counter-attack once your Thors fly home or stop attacking for a little bit. As long as you keep this in mind, then you should be all set! I’d also recommend skipping the fast third base in exchange for earlier Barracks, as you’ll likely need it for the forces soon to be knocking at your door.

     That’s all for today, guys. Happy hammer-dropping, and I look forward to posting again next week!

The Thor, Again.png