MC “BossToss! Is Back

“For Auir!” He roars! As his deathball advances across the map!

“My foe will quiver in my presence as shall my enemy’s enemy become yellow-bellied.”

This is what is visualized with the public-statement of The Boss Toss returning to Legacy of the Void.

Twitter 장민철 ‏@CJENTUS_MC May 21
The BossToss is back on pro scene i made a contract with proleague team
so you guys watch my games on proleague and GSL ^^

Jang “MC” Min Chul known as the Boss Toss for his extraordinary skill in the Protoss race of StarCraft; as well as his remarkable mastery over the Stalker unit and their blink ability.

MC is a well renowned South Korean player, who last played for Tig e-Sports before retiring. On May 23rd, 2016 it was reported that MC is returning to pro-gaming by joining CJ Entus.

It is with immense delight to have such a masterful protoss player back on the battlegrounds to serve the first born as we look back at his accomplishments.

Jang Min Chul holds two GSL titles and qualified for all three GOMTV Global StarCraft II League open season during season one and is noted for his unmovable confidence before his matches along with his various ceremonies after winning. It is needless to say that MC will have countless fans and support with his return.