Proxy Tempest OPEN #10 Tonight!

Hello everyone! :3

Tonight is the Proxy Tempest Open, where players from every region and of every league can come and duke it out for the $10 prize. The tournament will begin tonight promptly at 7:00PM and players who register will need to return to the Challonge website and check in between 6:30PM and 6:59PM. Players who fail to check in will be removed from the tournament bracket!

Signup & Bracket:

Watch It Live:

Live Tournament Tweets: @Proxy_Tempest

Proxy Tempest Fleet Finale Qualifier 3.1

Hello everyone :3

Tonight we begin anew with the Proxy Tempest Fleet Finale Qualifier 3.1! Tonight’s tournament will see 4 players win a player slot in this month’s Fleet Finale. The prize for the Fleet Finale this month is $150+ plus 150+ OSC points to contribute to this year’s OSC ranking!

We hope you all will come out and enjoy the show.

Sign Up & Bracket:

Watch at:

Live tournament tweeting, follow: @Proxy_Tempest

Proxy Tempest P/D # 10 TONIGHT!

Hello everyone :3

We hope you don’t mind that we took a break on July 4th to celebrate ‘Murica Day. It is of course a special day in our history that is as epic as the original 300. In fact, our excitement for this holiday had one of our European crew members surprised that we would have any tournaments at all this week. Well, we’re happy to announce that our Platinum Diamond tournament is tonight, and the prize is now a 1 hour coaching session with a PSISTORM GAMING player.

We hope you see you tonight, either in the bracket itself or in the Twitch chat. Feel free to check out all the Starcraft action happening tonight!

Bracket & Signup:


Twitter: @Proxy_Tempest

Proxy Tempest OPEN!

Hello everyone! :3

Tonight is Proxy Tempest’s Open tournament with a $10 winner-takes-all prize! PiLiPiLi’s been on a tear, winning the past three tournaments. Who can take him down? Maybe it’s you!

The tournament kicks off at 7:00PM CST and will be streamed live on

Sign Ups can be found HERE!

If you can’t watch on Twitch, follow the action by following our twitter @Proxy_Tempest

We hope you enjoy tonight’s tournament, and best of luck to all the players!

Proxy Tempest P/D #6

Hello everyone! :3

We are happy to announce our 6th Proxy Tempest Platinum/Diamond tournament! The tournament will begin at 7PM CDT and players will be expected to check-in at Challonge between 6:30-6:59. Players who do not check in will not be able to participate, so don’t be late!

To sign up for the tournament click here!

To watch all the Starcraft 2 action, visit our Twitch at

Finally, to follow the wins/losses make sure to give us a follow on Twitter! @proxy_tempest

Proxy Tempest B/S/G #9 Tonight!

Hello everyone!

We are holding our ninth B/S/G tonight at 7pm CDT! We hope you will join us for some great Starcraft matches casted by Koshkii and Shyrshadi! Tonight’s admin is Brownling.

You can sign up to participate by clicking here.

To watch, head to

Finally, you can follow all the action via tweet by following @proxy_tempest

We hope you join us for tonight’s event. The winner of tonight’s tournament will be treated to 1 free hour of Masters level coaching!

ESL & Proxy Tempest Partner for Saturday 2v2 Tournament!

Hello everyone! :3

Proxy Tempest is proud to announce that we have partnered with ESL to provide players an opportunity to engage in 2v2 carnage. The mayhem begins at 7PM Central time and signups will be available on ESL’s website.

We look forward to having you play in this week’s tournament!

Signup: ESL / Proxy Tempest 2v2

If you have any support issues, please go Support

Watch: Proxy Tempest Twitch

Tweet: @proxy_tempest @ESLSC2

Proxy Tempest Qualifier #2.1!

Hello everyone :3

Tonight is Wednesday and we’ve got a jam-packed tournament ready to go for you guys tonight! Things kick off at 7:00PM CDT with the first qualifier this month for our Proxy Tempest Fleet Finale!

Our first Fleet Finale saw such talent as Neuro, PiLiPiLi, and our overall winner EG.Suppy! Those who make it to the semifinals of this tournament will automatically gain admission to June’s Fleet Finale! We hope you enjoy the show as much as we do.

What: Proxy Tempest Qualifier #2.1

When: Tonight (6/1/2016) at 7PM CDT

Win: Sign-Up HERE



Proxy Tempest Platinum/Diamond #2

Proxy Tempest is hosting it’s second platinum/diamond and you’re all invited to play! (Note: it’s called platinum/diamond for a reason. By “you’re all” we mean all the platinum/diamonds). If you don’t play, we hope you’ll come by and watch all the tournament action on our Twitch channel! Finally, give us a follow on Twitter and catch all the SC2 action, as well as updates and useless banter with your favorite players.

When: 7:00PM CST

Where: Wherever your butt is comfy

Why: Because SC2 is awesome. Because you’re bored. Because you love of our faces. Pick a reason pl0x.

Signup: Click ME!

Twitch: CLICK ME 2

Twitter: click me and HIT DAT FOLLOW BUTTON

As always, please feel free to give feedback and post dank memes. If you have any questions, you can mention us on Twitter or send us an email at

Proxy Tempest Schedule! (Week of 5/29/2016)

Hello everyone :3

I’m pleased to announce that we have added yet another tournament for your wonderful faces. We’ve been going strong for only a month now, but you guys have been showing up in force, and we’re so glad that you guys are enjoying our tournaments. This week’s schedule sees the addition of the much requested 2v2 tournament, so we hope you’re as excited as we are!

Monday: Bronze/Silver/Gold 7PM Central

Tuesday: Platinum/Diamond

Wednesday: Fleet Finale Qualifiers

Thursday: $10 Open

Saturday: 2v2 Open

We broadcast all of our tournaments on Twitch and you can also follow the tournament wins and losses as they happen by following our Twitter.

As always, Proxy Tempest is more than just tournaments. It’s articles, videos, coaches, players, it’s a community. Please feel free to join our Discord and come hang out with us! Proxy Tempest Discord

As we continue to grow, we look for more opportunities to provide tournaments and content that you all would like to see in the Starcraft community. Please feel free to give feedback and let us know what YOU would like to see us do next.