$450 Monthly Spawning Tool Bonus Pool!

Hello everyone! :3

Proxy Tempest is happy to announce the Spawning Tool Bonus Pool! The Bonus Pool is a $450 monthly tournament hosted and casted by Proxy Tempest, with sponsorship from Spawning Tool and the Oseanic Starcraft Championship (OSC). The tournament is broken down into five regional qualifiers: North America, South America, Europe, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Players will compete in the qualifiers for a chance to move on to the $450 monthly finals.

Rules are being finalized, but players are now able to sign up for the North America qualifiers on Toornament. This qualifier will be the first qualifier in the series and will start at 2PM CDT on 3 September 2016. For your convenience, there is also an app available and all updates to the tournament will be updated on the app, Proxytempest.com and the Toornament website. Critical information such as any changes to date/time will also be sent to players’ emails. A reminder email will be sent to players’ emails 2 days before tournament date!

Signup & Bracket: Signup/Bracket

What: $450 Monthly NA Qualifier

When: 3 September 2016, 2:00PM CDT

Why: Cause eSports!

Where: From your computer!

How: With your keyboard and mouse

As always, we would appreciate it if you give us a follow on Twitter so you can stay up to date with all our Starcraft 2 offerings!

Best of luck to all your players!


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