Get Off Your Ass! It’s Time For A Real Job!

Gaming! It’s not a job! It’s not a sport!

The world of gaming, from our single player games to multi-player games sure have advanced! When I was younger I could sit for hours and play Mario not thinking about tomorrow. Although not giving it a thought tomorrow is here! Oh where has the time gone?

We are now facing the demands of our consumer society and mothers wing in no longer there. What skills do I have? What do I go to college for? There is so much anxiety, fear, and doubt! Yet there is always a place I can go; gaming always provides comfort.

Video games are no longer just an entertaining way to pass the time, they have advanced to multiplayer games where you develop friendships across the world, and gather at conventions to share your passion! However, when the game is over reality sets in once again!

Man dies after playing Video Games for 3 days continuously

There is good news for gamers!

Gaming is no longer just a place to escape; it now can provide a future! E-Sports is here despite the argument that is not “a real job” or a “real sport”

With older generations where technology has yet to boom to what it is now to date; it becomes difficult for people like our parents to accept that we are not wasting our time and life. In contour if you do your research and plan out your career steps there are so many option available in the gaming community!

Athletes when looking at video games find it hard to swallow and accept e-Sports when they see someone not at perfect physical conditioning to be considered an athlete as well. However, I do feel they don’t keep in mind the mental and physical demands that this chosen profession requires. Completive gaming requires lighting speed reactions, critical thinking, and strategic planning. It does become difficult to perform and compete against the best when you are not at your best! Therefore, top players and teams are known to follow a strict diet and exercise regimen to ensure that their body and brain are performing on their peak.

Despite the negative opinions the United States, China, United Kingdom, South Korea and many other countries have recognized gaming as a sport. And like any other sport colleges offer scholarships to play at their school. Robert Morris University in Illinois was the first in the United States to offer scholarships, and to follow more than one-hundred other colleges and universities now offer the same.

e-Sports Requires Skill!

5 top tips for eSports success from Riot Games

Do keep in mind that it is not just a game! There are games to play for fun; but if you are seeking a career in e-Sports you must treat it like another sport! Just like football players in high-school strive and focus to be the best in hopes to make it to college then later to the NFL; e-Sports is no different.

There are thousands of people seeking a life in this booming industry to game development, casting, streaming, to being a pro-player; and the competition is rapidly growing! If you are not hard working and determined, you will not make it. But for those who have opened the gates to these amazing opportunities and the current professionals they are averaging $60-$150k a year with many making above the average.

So next time someone says get a “real job” or “that’s not a real sport” Shrug it off and try to inform them of yes it is!!!!

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