The Death of StarCraft?

StarCraft and e-Sports

StarCraft all the way from Broodwar to our current Legacy of the Void has been a small yet powerful community. There have been times where StarCraft held hundreds of thousands of viewers and over 3 million active players to our current pool. There is fear and it has always been there. Is StarCraft dying? I myself have thought this.

After the release of several new Blizzard games from Heroes of the Storm to the new fan favorite of Overwatch the StarCraft community can only wonder. Will these games take our pro players, our sponsors, our community?

With Taja one of the most renowned players in StarCraft 2 retiring along with others and fan favorites like Huck spending more and more time in Overwatch, the community becomes apprehensive.

These however are just concerns and rumors from the StarCraft loyal and dedicated community.

StarCraft is not dying!

The game is well sustained with a powerful influence in the e-Sport industry; from a larger audience to a smaller one it is easy to jump to these conclusions. Nonetheless we have to keep in mind that in StarCraft’s prime, e-Sports was in its infancy and like Redeye states

“there are only finite eyeballs each weekend for the esports events and right now, there are more big events than ever before.”

Academics and Athletics

To put worries at rest Starcraft is actually sustaining and growing as a primary e-Sport with new organizations setting their foundations in the community with ESL hosting smaller tournaments and our new Proxy Tempest that has settled into the field. Yet it is just not with e-Sports that Starcraft holds roots in; it is also spreading to a one in a kind game being taken into serious consideration for required academic classes in some colleges and high-school in regards to the benefits of playing this highly unique RTS for the ability to multitask better and help with decision-making.

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