The Liberating Turtles (TvZ)– Build Orders That Probably Shouldn’t Exist

    Hello there, and welcome to the first batch of posts regarding build orders from Proxy Tempest! Being the resident nightmare in our community, I have decided that I would show some of my Terran builds that I use to terrorize the ladder. The first up is for the TvZ matchup, which is something that normally doesn’t see much creativity or deviation from standard on the Terran side anymore. I did not receive that memo, so we’re going to build these.

The Air Army

    While the Banshee-Liberator composition has been around for a little while, there aren’t many easy ways to defend your base to get enough Starports and add-ons to make a sizeable force. However, if you’re on Dusk Towers, Frost, or Frozen Temple, there is a remedy that looks like something from Ketroc’s stream (just without the Ravens, and with whatever I really feel like building instead).

    Here’s the breakdown:

–>                            [Send out SCV to natural ramp @50% SCV]
14                            Supply Depot @Natural Ramp
–>                            [@100% Depot, send SCV to scout]
17                            Command Center
19                            [Rally SCV to third]
20                            Command Center
20                            Refinery
20                             Barracks @Natural
23                            Engineering Bay @Natural
25                            Orbital Command x2
25                            Marine
26                            Bunker
@150 Gas               Planetary Fortress
@100 Gas               Factory
–>                             [Add 5 More Refineries when affordable]
@100% Factory     Starport x3

First Supply Depot    Let’s say we’re on Dusk Towers. When you’re first SCV is about halfway produced, send one SCV to the bottom of the ramp. This is where we’re going to place our first depot. We’ll send the SCV out for scouting as soon as it’s done building.

    Next, we’re going all out for greed, so we’ll open up similarly to a normal Command Center first build, with a Command Center at 17 supply. After the first Command Center, though, we’re going to keep producing SCVs until 20 supply, skipping over the Barracks for now. Rally the 20th SCV to the third base location from the Command Center while it’s being produced and build a third.

    Immediately after that third Command Center goes down, cut SCV production. Now’s catch-up time and making sure our third isn’t going to die to a Ravager or Baneling all-in. Build a Refinery then a Barracks at the wall-off. After these go down, continue SCV production. While it says to build the Engineering Bay at 23 supply in the build listing, it doesn’t really matter when it goes down, as long as you place it at the wall-off and before you have 150 gas.

    Once the Barracks finishes, Orbital Commands at the main and natural are a necessity. Make three Marines and a Bunker at the wall-off to ward off pesky Overlords and Zergling scouts. On Dusk Towers, I’ve had the most success with the wall looking like this.

Wall-Off on Dusk Towers

You should have enough gas at this point to start your Planetary Fortress. I like to send six SCVs to the Planetary from the main base just in case something comes to attack us. Build Refineries at the third while the Planetary is morphing.

    It might seem kind of silly to build a half-wall and a Planetary, but this is by far the easiest way to hold off aggression while simultaneously being extremely greedy. If you scout a highly aggressive build from Zerg at the beginning of the game, I would delay the Factory and instead go for Hi-Sec Auto Tracking. This will help to defend more structures and will get an extra shot on the Zerg army from the Planetary before they can reach it. Otherwise, I would get the Factory first, and Hi-Sec second. This is also when you should be taking your other vespene geysers. In the higher leagues, I suggest building two Missile Turrets by the cliff between your main and your fourth to ward off Overlord drops.

    After the Factory is finished, it’s best to build 1-3 Siege Tanks–the number fluctuates depending on their Roach count. A scan into the main and third usually reveals how aggressive their tech and economy (or lack thereof) are. You should be able to afford three Starports right off the bat if you’ve been macroing well. Keep making SCVs until you reach a critical mass of 60-70.

    Once the Starports finish, make two Tech Labs and one Reactor. We’ll get Banshee Cloaking once one of the Tech Labs finishes. This will be the core of our army production for the rest of the game.

    Over time, you should start floating enough minerals to build additional Missile Turrets around your bases and Command Centers so that you can build more units. On four bases, you should be able to afford 6-7 Starports, 1-2 Armories cranking out air upgrades, and a Fusion Core to research Hyperflight Rotors and Advanced Ballistics. If your opponent is obsessed with Hydralisks, more Tech Labs are probably your way to go (like the picture), but generally you’ll be playing against Corrupters, so it’s okay to go up to three or even four Reactors on your Starports.


    That’s pretty much the build. I recommend building the Armory immediately after the Starports and going for a +1 timing attack, but you could turtle and go double Armory or skip them entirely; as long as you beat them before the 20-minute mark, upgrades aren’t terribly significant. After you have five bases, start replacing your Banshees with Battlecruisers.

Production 2

    There is a mass Factory variant I’ve been playing around with that relies on more Siege Tanks at the beginning, double Armory upgrading, and shooting for mass Thors with some Hellbats thrown in. This is less successful, but I love my Thors, and I think Factories sprawling across your base looks slightly more intimidating than Starports for some reason.

    If you want to go for the mass Thors variant, skip the Starports, save for maybe one for a Raven or some Vikings (unlike the picture). If you do this, you can have 7 Factories running off of three-base economy, 6 of which will be most likely producing Thors. And while the Thors don’t scale quite the same way as the Banshees and Liberators do…

The Ground Army

    …every engagement looks absolutely awesome.

    Thank you guys for reading, and I will have something new and equally bizarre next week!

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