Proxy Tempest Tournament Schedule (Week of 6/5/2016)

Hi everyone, Storrm here! ❤

To begin the week we will have our 6th Weekly BSG Tournament! This will be on Monday. Following that up on Tuesday, we will continue our 3rd Weekly Platinum/Diamond Tournament! Wednesday will continue to be home to our Fleet Finale Qualifier. This week will be the second qualifier for the month of June! You can sign up here! On Thursday we will host our 6th Weekly Open, which holds a $10 Prize for the Champion! Finally, on Saturday we will have our second Double Tournament. The signup for that tournament can be found by clicking right here!


We are proud to announce, for those who have not already heard, that we are officially partnered with Spawning Tool! This partnership will bring distributed replays from the Fleet Finale each month, and more!

Also, keep checking in here each and every day for more exciting content that will be coming your way! We are working very hard to bring you the best articles, tournaments, and all around experiences to brighten your day and eSports adventure!

Don’t forget that you can find us on:


Youtube- Proxy_Tempest

Twitch- Proxy_Tempest

And also on our Public Discord Server:


Much Love,

Drew ‘Storrm’ Jones

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