Proxy Tempest Platinum/Diamond #2

Proxy Tempest is hosting it’s second platinum/diamond and you’re all invited to play! (Note: it’s called platinum/diamond for a reason. By “you’re all” we mean all the platinum/diamonds). If you don’t play, we hope you’ll come by and watch all the tournament action on our Twitch channel! Finally, give us a follow on Twitter and catch all the SC2 action, as well as updates and useless banter with your favorite players.

When: 7:00PM CST

Where: Wherever your butt is comfy

Why: Because SC2 is awesome. Because you’re bored. Because you love of our faces. Pick a reason pl0x.

Signup: Click ME!

Twitch: CLICK ME 2

Twitter: click me and HIT DAT FOLLOW BUTTON

As always, please feel free to give feedback and post dank memes. If you have any questions, you can mention us on Twitter or send us an email at

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