Proxy Tempest Schedule! (Week of 5/29/2016)

Hello everyone :3

I’m pleased to announce that we have added yet another tournament for your wonderful faces. We’ve been going strong for only a month now, but you guys have been showing up in force, and we’re so glad that you guys are enjoying our tournaments. This week’s schedule sees the addition of the much requested 2v2 tournament, so we hope you’re as excited as we are!

Monday: Bronze/Silver/Gold 7PM Central

Tuesday: Platinum/Diamond

Wednesday: Fleet Finale Qualifiers

Thursday: $10 Open

Saturday: 2v2 Open

We broadcast all of our tournaments on Twitch and you can also follow the tournament wins and losses as they happen by following our Twitter.

As always, Proxy Tempest is more than just tournaments. It’s articles, videos, coaches, players, it’s a community. Please feel free to join our Discord and come hang out with us! Proxy Tempest Discord

As we continue to grow, we look for more opportunities to provide tournaments and content that you all would like to see in the Starcraft community. Please feel free to give feedback and let us know what YOU would like to see us do next.


One thought on “Proxy Tempest Schedule! (Week of 5/29/2016)

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