Proxy Tempest Fleet Finale 6PM Pacific

The past 3 weeks have lead up to tonight’s tournament. 16 Players will be duking it out in our Fleet Finale to claim their part of the $150 prize and OSC points from

  • 1st Place: $80 / 120 OSC Points
  • 2nd Place: $40 / 80 OSC Points
  • 3rd Place: $20 / 50 OSC Points
  • 4th Place: $10 / 30 OSC Points
  • 5th-6th: 15 OSC Points
  • 7th-8th: 10 OSC Points
  • 9th-16th: 2.5 OSC Points

Players will play in a double elimination tournament with a third place prize. The winner of the losers bracket will play a 1-2 match style final, with the winner of the losers bracket winning two bo5’s to be crowned champion and the winner of the winner’s bracket needing to win only one bo5.


The games kick off at 6PM Pacific, and we hope you’re ready for some heart pounding Starcraft 2 action casted by @DrennoC and @feardragon64 on our Twitch channel. If you can’t tune in, make sure to give us a follow @Proxy_Tempest to stay up to date on all the matches.

One thought on “Proxy Tempest Fleet Finale 6PM Pacific

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