Proxy Tempest Platinum/Diamond 7PM CST Tonight!

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago we received many requests for a Platinum/Diamond tournament, and it’s finally here! Tonight at 7PM we will be hosting a tournament exclusively for platinums and diamonds. At this time we are offering 1 hour of free Masters level coaching for the lucky winner of the tournament! We hope to see you tonight!

To sign up for the tournament, please visit the Challonge Page.

The tournament will be streamed on Twitch, and we hope you’ll come out and support all the awesome SC2 players that will be playing tonight.

Finally, for updates on all of our tournaments, please follow us on Twitter. We will also publish all our tournament updates, schedules, and recaps here on our website.

One thought on “Proxy Tempest Platinum/Diamond 7PM CST Tonight!

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