Proxy Tempest Qualifier #3

Hello everyone!

Tonight is our very last qualifier for those who want to participate in the Proxy Tempest Fleet Finale! The prize pool has been increased to $150 and we’re hoping to get even more in for our awesome players! If you’d like to donate, it’s simple! Just donate on our Patreon.

100% of all donations will go to the prize pool, and we will provide daily updates on our website about the donations to ensure we are complete transparent.

We hope you’ll join us for this qualifier either as a player or a viewer. To play in the tournament, go to our Proxy Tempest Qualifier and sign up. The tournament is open to players of all leagues! The tournament will begin at 7PM Central with check-in occurring from 6:30PM-6:59PM. All players must check in prior to tournament start to avoid being kicked from the bracket.

If you’d like to watch, simply tune in to at 7PM Central for all the action.

Finally, follow us on Twitter to get updates on our tournaments, articles, videos, and much more!

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