Proxy Tempest Open; May 18th 7PM Central!

Hello everyone!

It’s freakin’ Wednesday and everyone at Proxy Tempest is hype for the tournament this evening. It’s our Proxy Tempest Open, and tonight’s tournament looks to be our biggest yet.

The tournament is open to players of all skill levels and you can sign up for the tournament at Proxy Tempest Open #3. The prize for tonight is $10.

If you’d like to watch, we’d love to have you join us at our Twitch at Proxy Tempest TV.

Finally, give us a follow on Twitter to follow all the Starcraft 2 action and be the first to know about upcoming tournaments, prizes, and giveaways! Twitter

Finally, the rules for our tournament can be found on the Challonge and below. We hope you’ll join us for a good time! If you like what we do and want to hang out with us and meet the people you’ll be playing against, feel free to join our Discord.



This is an open tournament available for any player to participate in. The prize for this tournament is $10. Participants will need to check in 30 minutes prior to tournament start.

This tournament is open to any player.

Tournament Rules:

1. Check in starts 30 minutes before the tournament. If you do not check in by 6:59PM, you will be disqualified.

2. Make sure to join Proxy Tempest channel in game. Linky here – battlenet:://starcraft/group/1/345482

3. You must have played at least 5 games this week to participate. A week is considered the past 7 days.

4. Laddering is not allowed while playing in the tournament. If you are caught laddering during the tournament and it causes a delay of a match, you will be disqualified.

5. If you do not contact your opponent within 10 minutes of your match ending, you will be disqualified. Your match does not need to begin, you simply need to have made contact with your opponent and be in a lobby.

We are adding and removing rules based on feedback from the community. Feel free to message us or send us feedback on our website at


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