Proxy Tempest B/S/G #3; May 17th, 7PM Central


It’s been an eventful few days in Starcraft, what with pros winning trophies and championships and all. But hey, here’s something cool: you can win a tournament today. Right here, right now (Okay, not NOW, but in like…6 hours or something…)later! Tonight’s prize is a one hour session with a Master level coach.

Tonight’s B/S/G will see return players bahuntome and Nano, as well as some new faces. To all the repeat players, best of luck to you! For the new players, you got some serious competition, so bring your game face. We’re hoping you all come out and enjoy the fun!

The tournament will be streamed at and for up to date results on the tournament, feel free to follow us on Twitter at

If you wish to participate, do so by clicking this link and signing up!

The tournament will begin at 7PM Central with check in occurring at 6:30PM. Players must check in between 6:30 and 6:59 or they will be disqualified. Players must have also completed 10 ladder games in the past 7 days to qualify. Players who do not show up to their match 10 minutes after their opponent is available will be disqualified.

For a full list of rules, please see the Challonge page.

We hope you’ll come out and watch!

One thought on “Proxy Tempest B/S/G #3; May 17th, 7PM Central

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