New Tournaments, New Schedule

Howdy everyone!

I’m happy to announce we are overhauling our schedule because YOU DEMANDED IT. That’s right, and we’re here to deliver. So what we’ve got in store for you is 7 days of Starcraft. So, what does 7 days of Starcraft look like? We’ll break it down for you.


It all starts with Sunday, the holiest of days. We’ll be posting our Build Order of the Week (BOW) on Sunday, and we encourage all of our followers to give it a try. Submit your replay and your replay may even be casted! But be warned, not all build orders are meant for competitive play. Whether the most epic of wins, or the most hillarious of fails, we’ll take a look at it and you may find yourself featured on the Proxy Tempest website!


It all starts with our Bronze/Silver/Gold tournament, as players duke it out for a free hour session of Masters level coaching. Players who compete in this tournament MUST be B/S/G, and cannot have been any league above in the past 3 seasons. Players must have also completed 10 games in the past 7 days. Full tournament rules will be posted on the Challonge page.


Tuesday is now home to our Platinum/Diamond tournament. The same prize and rules apply to this tournament as the B/S/G. Must be platinum or diamond, and cannot have been a higher league in the past 3 seasons. 10 games must have been completed in the past 7 days. The winner will receive an hour of free masters level coaching.


Wednesday remains the day of the brave. Players will compete in an open format tournament where the prize is $10 winner takes all. There are no requirement for past games. There are no requirements for past leagues. You may use a second account or a barcode account.


Thursday is where the best of the best come out to compete. This tournament is a qualifier for our Fleet Finale tournament held at the end of each month. Players competing in this qualifier will be battling it out for a semifinal finish. Those who finish in the top four of this tournament will be invited to compete in the monthly invitational.


Friday is replay day! We’ll be releasing a batch of casted replays to gorge yourself on. Hours of content just waiting for you to eat it up. From bronze replays all the way to the pros, our commentators will be entertaining and educating you the entire day. All published on our YouTube, so make sure to check it out!


Saturday is podcast day, and we’re calling it the Fleet Beacon. It’s something we’ve talked about here in the Proxy Tempest fleet and we’re finally ready to bring it to ya. Our podcast will be an overview of what’s what in the past week of Starcraft. We’ll be talking patches, build orders, the latest pro matches and results, as well as giving you updates on future tournaments and what’s going down in the community.

This new schedule is set to begin on May 22, 2016! We’ll be providing updates as we develop more content! Make sure to check back often so you don’t miss out on the Starcraft goodness!

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