North America Open #1 Results

The North America Open was a hit, thanks to Redditors and Twitch memers alike. 35 players signed up to compete, with the vast majority masters or above. One interesting character was Lazy, the only platinum player visible in the see of blue and green borders.

With well known players such as Sacrilege, MoWjAhEeD, HousePeddler, sqrtofnegone, and GAMETIME, it was expected one of these players would bring home the gold.

Eyes would settle upon however, the platinum player who had wondered into the tournament, seemingly unphased by his competition. Lazy won his first match against Aimbot812 with a 2-1 scoreline, and convincingly won his second round against gnarwhal. The two round victories would place him in the quarterfinals against a tough opponent, IntegrityBuildings.

The quarterfinals would be an interesting shake-up, as we saw our first official forfeit out of JetSC, who played against GAMETIME, a well established player. This victory would place GAMETIME against 2DSparrow in the semifinals. At the top of the bracket, Lazy managed to be out IntegrityBuildings to move on to the semis.

So far, all of our players had won in stellar fashion, and the trend seemed to be continuing. The number of 2-0 victories greatly outweighed the number of 2-1 wins and even the semifinals proved similar. Lazy beat our ZuckFerg to move on to the finals, and 2DSparrow took out GAMETIME, the actual favorite to win the tournament, 2-1.

The one-sided but entertaining finals match took place in the late hours of the evening, seeing both players tired, but ready to take home the trophy.

Final Bracket:


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