“Sticks and stones…

…may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!” That’s the taunts in the Twitch stream seen just before the first match between WordsSometimes and Storrm began. And judging by Storrm’s solid performance throughout the tournament, it surely looked that way. He crushed his opponent Nano in the semifinals 2-0 to make it the the final match. WordsSometimes, a player not previously casted, has only been playing since the end of Heart of the Swarm. But his consistent practice and passion for the game paid off and he was able to take the finals with a clean 3-0.

During his interview, Words said he would be practicing furiously as Dreamhack Austin approaches. The young player will be competing against some of the toughest competition in the Lonestar State, but hopes to perform well. When asked which pro he would most like to play against, he admitted, “I’d like to play Polt. I feel like he could give me a run for my money.”

Congratulations WordsSometimes on your victory, and we hope to see you competing again soon!

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